Palm Springs

Just say the name… Palm Springs. What comes to mind? Mmmmmm…palm trees arching gracefully around a swimming pool, the laughter of kids splashing and playing…year-round sunshine. Those gorgeous mountains, so close you can touch them. And how About that fabulous show-biz pedigree…Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner, Bob Hope, Walt Disney, Dinah Shore, and of course, Elivis and Priscilla. And architecture…oh, that delicious Mid-Century Modern, sprinkled about various other parts of the world, but nowhere in such number and subject to reverence as in Palm Springs. Names like Alexander, Elrod, Cody, Krisel, whose designs forever link Palm Springs with the finest in residential and commercial architecture. Palm Springs, though a world-class resout destination, still maintains the village feel and charm it’s had for over 100 years. Live here and you feel like you’re on vacation every day. And you know what? You are.